At last night’s Public Hearing on the Granby Planning and Zoning Commission’s proposed revisions to the town Zoning Regulations, I submitted a written critique of the proposal.

You can find the existing regulations and the proposed amendment on the Town’s web site—although the amendment text isn’t exactly the same as that before the Commission last night. The copy they had includes paragraph numbers.

Granby Community Television posted video of the hearing on YouTube, including the comments I made.

The written comments I submitted are now part of the public record, and should be available for inspection at the Office of Community Development. In my experience, it’s not always easy to get to those public records, especially electronically. Therefore, I’m posting a copy of my comments here.

In PDF format, you can read the  cover letter enumerating my objections,  some revisions I proposed to address the objections, with annotations, and a page of annotations that were too long for the margins that Word decided to spit out as a separate document entirely.

Unfortunately, the Commission closed the public hearing last night after receiving comments from me and my mother, so they aren’t likely to accept additional comment at this time. However, if they make substantial revisions to the proposal—as I hope they do—they would likely need to open a new public hearing.


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